Important Questions to Ask a Fence Installer During an Interview

Building a fence on your property comes with a lot of benefits. This is why it is great to invest in it. To make sure you will be able to take advantage of the fence for a long time, you should be meticulous in choosing a fence builder. You might not have a hard time finding one, but the question is, would they be reliable? Interview different fence builders before hiring one. You can use the following questions to guide you in finding a reliable fence builder.

How long have you been in the industry?

Experience is very important when it comes to fence installation. If a builder does not have enough experience, you will have a poorly built fence. A poorly built fence would not look good. Instead of adding curb appeal to your property, it would only ruin it. If the fence’s foundation is poor, it would not last for a long time as well.

Are you licensed and insured?

Some cities would require builders to get permits for their project. If you hire a fence builder who does not have a license, they might not be able to get a permit. A licensed builder will have the credentials to build a fence. A builder’s insurance will protect you from any liabilities. Accidents could happen but an insurance will ensure you will not have any problems.

Do you have your own equipment or do you rent it?

A builder must have their own equipment. If they need to rent the equipment they are using, this would be an additional cost for you. If they have their own equipment, check if they are not old and damaged. This would only cause the delay in the fencing project.

Do you require a deposit?

Some fence builders would ask for a deposit to begin the project. They would need the money to purchase materials. A decent builder will not ask for a big deposit. Never pay a deposit that’s 50% or more of the estimated cost.

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