The Projects We Can Perform as a Fence Repair Contractor

Welcome to the blog page of Rock Solid Fence, the reliable company for you in Athens, GA! We wondered what our first blog article should be about, and we have decided that we should give you more information about the most common services we can perform for you. This way you will know what our fence repair contractor can do for you.

  • Repair and installation of wood fences. If you want to have a classic wooden fence, our company is the one you can count on. For the time that we have been around, we have been the reliable option for many local residents looking for a licensed specialist.
  • Custom decks. We are confident to say that we can build a deck that will fit all your requirements. Therefore, whether you want to have a deck with a fire pit or one with place for a Jacuzzi, our team can do it!
    Pole enclosures.
  • Vinyl, aluminum, and PVC fencing. The vinyl fences are becoming more popular. The reason for this is simple – unlike the wooden ones, they can’t be damaged by the rain.
  • Steel fence installation. These are definitely the most durable option for you, if you value safety above all.
    Chain-link fencing. This is yet another classical type of fence. There are two reasons why it is so popular: it comes at a fairly low price and is transparent.
  • Installation of window guards and railing.

So, whether you want to have a stylish metal fence or you have decided to start a new deck building project, our team is the right choice for you! Over the time of our existence, we have always been the reliable option for anyone in need of a fence repair contractor. Reach us at (706) 229-8446, and we will prove why we are the reliable company for your project.