After days of using a hammer and cleaning the debris up, you now have a clean canvas to use. This usually means it’s time to begin constructing your new fence right? Wrong! This is the part most DIY enthusiasts make a hash of things. Who’s to say the original fence was placed upon the property line? Maybe when it was originally installed, the neighbours failed to notice, were not bothered or just unable to fight it. Or, it could be they have been quietly fuming for many years, and when you begin to construct yet another fence in the same place as the old one, they could sue you. This occurs more than you may realize.

But, should you decide to replace your fence or call in a professional residential fence contractor, first practice due diligence by:

  •  Speaking to your neighbor. Find out where your property line is located and if there are any issues with you putting the fence up where the original one was. Often, simply asking them goes a long way to smoothing any troubled feelings.
  •  Obtain all the right permits.
  • Do some research on your property to ensure everything matches with what your neighbour may have told you and what you think you may know about the property. Once you have everything sorted out, only then will it be the time to start work.